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the next time he
points out the
hair on your legs is
growing back remind
that boy your body
is not his home
he is a guest.
warn him to
never outstep
his welcome
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Do not love him
Because he said
He would always be there
After you kissed him

Do not love him
Because he held
Your hand behind closed doors
When you were upset

Do not love him
Because his lips
Make your stomach grow weak
When they brush your cheek

Do not love him
Because you gave
Him your body one night
And he was your first

Love him
Because he wants
Nothing but to spend his
Time with you alone

Do Not Love Him - wineandtobacco (via wineandtobacco)
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Somewhere on the brink of insanity, I fell in love with the idea of destroying myself. (via brokenpromisesanddbrokenhearts)

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It’s just so strange.
 You used to love me,
 and now you’re a stranger
 who happens to know all
 of my secrets. Clementine von Radics (via c-oquetry)

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Crowd for ADTR at Self Help Festival 2014originalsource