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this is my FAVORITE one so far

Literally was talking about this today


just gonna say this: if someone has social anxiety and they ask you something akin to ‘are you mad at me’ or ‘do you hate me’, it isn’t because they don’t trust you, it’s because their brain literally tells them that all the time

it’s not a personal slight, it’s insecurity caused by mental illness


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Yesterday, I was finally able to see you for the first time in five months. You wrapped your arms around me and asked me how I was doing.

Fighting back tears, I wanted to say,

'I am so miserable now that you are never in my life anymore. I've waited months to see you here like this and now our time together is almost up, and I have no idea when I'll get to see you next, if ever again. You are the only person I've ever loved and it hurts so fucking much to see you doing so well while I'm lying on my bedroom floor every night, crying until my eyes are burning and swollen into the next day.'

Instead, my entire body shaking, I flashed a small smile and weakly responded with,

'I'm doing okay.'

You believed the lie, and honestly, I wish you hadn’t.

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"However you’re feeling today, know that things will get better, and let that make you happy for now. It will get better.”
My life is a struggle between my need for acceptance, my fear of rejection, and a desire to not care at all. (via fleeten)

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There’s nothing harder
than putting yourself back
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Marry someone who can make you laugh in public and scream in bed. Me giving my friend relationship advice (via sexual-feelings)

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Missing this, our souls intertwine, our hearts beat in perfect harmony, our bodies are combined as one and our minds are In perfect sync. I miss my love